Our popular walnut cruisers are finally back in stock!  Now in charcoal black, pale mustard and dusty rose.  

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Le Waves- Summer 17

In true tardy fashion (yes, we were the kid that strolled into class 20 minutes late with the perfect outfit and Jamba Juice in hand) we are launching the Le Waves Summer 17 collection! Now live.

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Join us at the SALT SURF shop on Sunday May 21, 2017, for the first ever SALT SURF Board Swap! Bring your old or new surfboards to sell or swap or come browse what others are selling. The event is free (as is the cold brew provided by @bluebottlela ) but you must register in advance as space is limited, by emailing

8840 Washington Blvd
STE 103
Culver City, CA 90232


SURF SHOP is a pop-up shop opened by SALT SURF in late 2016. It brings together the full SALT SURF line along with some of our other favorite brands and designers. It was the owner, Nabil's, idea to create a space to invite the "locals" to come by and "see us in person". Nabil wanted to take the brand out of the digital realm, where nothing is tangible, and create a space that could be seen, touched and experienced by people who knew the brand mostly through the internet.    

SURF SHOP runs through Aug 31, 2017. 

Visit us at:
8840 Washington Blvd
Suite 104
Culver City, CA 90232

Images by Layli Samimi

Artist Visit- Lluy Rodrigues

We recently visited artist Lluy Rodrigues at his home studio in Los Angeles and observed the process of creating his work, which includes burning and painting and burning again.  Lluy is the artist that provided all the artwork for SURF SHOP.  See the photos and read a quick chat we had with him below.  

What does the first hour of your day look like?

Wake up at 7am and I drink a half litter of water in my Supreme white bottle. Then I make some of my Brazilian coffee and just go through my phone and check e-mails and social media.

You've grown up at different phases in your life in both Brazil and the US.  How did they both shape you?

In my youth I had a great opportunity of growing up here (the US) and it made me a worrier and it opened up my mind that anything was possible. Brazil made me crazy and fearless.

Best part of Brazil or Brazilian culture that Americans are missing out on?

Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Art.

What inspires you to create?

Everything is inspiring . Life. Death. Time. Space odyssey. Love. Disappointments. Fears. 

When you're creating, what do you think about?

Nothing. My surroundings. The endless possibilities are all around me when I paint, it's just me and the canvas. I usually paint multiple pieces at the same time so I have time for pieces to dry and I can just experience the act

What makes an artist an artist, in your opinion?

Art is everything. We're all artists. Leaving is a master piece and we're the painters perfecting it. Little by little. 

What does success look like to you?

Success is getting to do what you love everyday until the day we leave our bodies to a better place.


We added a brand new SALE SECTION to our website with past season goods being sold at 50% off!!  Most items are super limited in availability (with just a handful left), and once they're gone they're gone, so act fast!  

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Hi-SUMMER is our mid-summer capsule collection.  It is a limited run of select pieces.  See the entire lookbook now>


Two of the raddest ladies on the road make up the adventuring duo  @girlbusvibes.  They're currently driving up the West Coast of North America, ultimately on their way to Tofino, BC.  Give 'em a honk if you see the minty green bus along the way.  And check out our Girl Bus Vibes Ringer Tee collab> 


After a lengthy hiatus, the SALT SURF surfboards are back.  Featuring the new logo, new surfboard names, some new shapes (and more to come), but the same commitment to funness and making quality boards.  



From now until March 13th, purchase the new Charcoal Black SALT SURF Skateboard at a discounted rate of $159 (regularly $189).  Pre purchased skateboards will be shipped in early May.  Skateboards are currently ONLY available by pre purchase.



One of our favorite return collaborators Gabriele Baldotto (also known as GAB), has returned for our collaboration of the Wave Tee and Wave Sweatshirt.  GAB is an artist.  Its hard to call many people an "artist" these days, but GAB is indeed one in its truest form.  Read what he has to say on the matter, and hear more about his thoughts on the world below>

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We sat down to chat with Know Kooks Tee artist Murk Lurks in order to delve a little deeper into the mind of one of our creative collaborators. Like the team at Salt Surf he too needs coffee to function and loves tacos at 2am. But aside from the obvious he has some insightful things to say about social media, concepts of success, and his 16-year-old self.

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With the launch of this new collection also comes the release of our new logo.  It's a fresh start and a new chapter that we're excited to embark on.  But rest assured we're still the same SALT SURF.
Our old logo just used the word "SALT", and at the end of the day it wasn't really our name.  We're SALT SURF.  We're a surf brand, we make surfboards, we make clothes with surfers in mind, everything we do revolves around the ocean or is inspired by it and we're surfers ourselves (duh)... we wanted our logo to reflect that.  Thus the inclusion of the word "SURF".  

If you're a surfer, it's hard to imagine a life where you never surfed.  Suddenly you find yourself putting off other responsibilities to do it, you can't imagine taking a trip that isn't a surf trip, you surf when its warm and sunny and you surf when its below freezing and onshore and theres snow on the ground (we have photos to prove it) and you don't know who your friends would be if you didn't surf.  So clearly we didn't want to hide the fact that we surfed.  It's why we started, and it's what keeps us going.  

We're excited for whats ahead, and thankful to have you all be a part of this journey.  Check out the new branding on our apparel and accessories, and stay tuned for the release of the rebrand for the surfboards and skateboards early next year!  -SALT SURF

December 16, 2015