We sat down to chat with Know Kooks Tee artist Murk Lurks in order to delve a little deeper into the mind of one of our creative collaborators. Like the team at Salt Surf he too needs coffee to function and loves tacos at 2am. But aside from the obvious he has some insightful things to say about social media, concepts of success, and his 16-year-old self.  Enjoy.

What does the first hour of your day look like?
Hazy, lazy, I walk to get coffee. I usually can't think straight till I get a few sips in me. Go to work, emails, doodles, Tumblr, meetings blah blah blah.

What are your feeling about social media and where do you see it going in the future?
I thoroughly enjoy it. It's a part of everyday life now. Does it waste time? Yes, but it's also aided me in my career path and opened plenty of doors for me. It's a vehicle for me to share my work with the world. It's constantly changing so who knows what's next? I hope I don't get too old and lame to use the next cool thing.

What’s your idea of success?
My idea of success is doing what makes me happy. If there is passion there then I know it's a success. Success has never had a dollar amount to me like it does to others. Success to me is affecting others positively in a way that makes them want to share my work with others. The same way you send links of cute things or funny jokes to people. That thing affected you at some level that made you want to pass it on. For me it's young groms instagramming their new skateboard and tagging me. Working with people I admire and brands that molded me into who I am today, that's success to me. Leaving something behind for the next generation to be inspired by.

Single fin or Thruster?

It’s 2am and you’re starving. Where do you go?
Taco truck duh.

What advice would you give to your 16  year old self?
Stay in school? Eat better? Don't stop surfing when you get older just cause you're lazy and the waves are shit?

What is your dream project?
Hmmmm. Something big that I can work on with people that I respect. I really like doing big campaigns from concept to finish. Destination shoots with a bunch of people creating rad things. That's what gets me pumped the most.

In what style would you categorize your art?
Post Post retro modern contemporary pop visual

What’s next for you?

Check out the MURK LURKS X SALT SURF collaboration below, and follow the link to purchase>