A small pocket of Los Angeles, Del Rey literally translates to: Of the King.  However, far from royal, Del Rey simply is what it is.  Pastel suburbs create a nostalgia for a California that once was.  A sparsely stocked health food store is the place to run into the whose-who.  Working class and budding tech bros both coexist here.  And when the “organics” and ”locally sourced” of LA feel insincere and self aware, you have Costco to serve as a grounding force of normalcy.  

This capsule collection by SALT SURF is aptly titled, Del Rey.  The inspiration behind the brand has always been rooted in an accessible form of fantasy, in real life escapism, in making the ordinary, extraordinary and in finding beauty in what exists around us.  Much of the inspiration coming from suburban life, making fantasy out of something we all have.  The entire collection was designed in Del Rey, as well as the images for this collection shot there.

Unknown, practical and magical in its simplicity, Del Rey is a place we all know.