Every SALT SURF surfboard is made in Oceanside, California with each shape uniquely designed and shaped by a team of shapers and finishers, with constant consideration of the surfer who is ultimately riding the board.  Each board blends together traditional
board design, and also always incorporates
new progressive ideals.


All of our shapes start with a rough cut by the DSD shaping machine.  After the initial cut, the shape is refined by hand, and then sent through to glassing and finishing.  The use of the shaping machine allows for guaranteed consistency between shapes, while our hand shapers bring their years of knowledge and meticulous attention to detail.

Where to buy

Boards can be purchased through select retailers, or by directly contacting us regarding a board we posted on either Instagram, Facebook or our newsletter. Boards will be sold on a first come, first served basis by emailing  Custom boards are possible, although we aren't always able to take orders. Email for more info.